The HTML5 video Tag

The HTML5 <video> tag is the main tool of the author to add some movie clip or video stream within a document. It is a new tag that is just introduced in HTML5 and not used in HTML4.01.

If in case the HTML5 <video> tag is not supported by the web browsers, the texts that are placed in it by the author will be visible to the user.

The HTML5 <video> tag is harmoniously accepted by the major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Although for Internet Explorer, it has to be at least version 9. Using the Global Attributes and Event Attributes with HTML5 <video> tag has no complications at all.

Here is a list of the attributes for HTML5 <video> tag:




autoplay (New)


This is the attribute which specifies that the video has to start playing the moment it has loaded up in the web page

controls (New)


It is the key in enabling the video controls to be displayed and ready for the user. These buttons are play, pause, forward and others

height (New)


It determines the height for the video player

loop (New)


It is the attribute which makes the video repeat every single time that it is finished

muted (New)


It is essential in making the video play without sound

poster (New)


It is the image shown while the video is still being loaded by the web page or while the user has not clicked the play button yet

preload (New)


It is essential in allowing the author to determine the way on how the video will be loaded when the web page is accessed by the user

src (New)


It is the URL used for the video file

width (New)


It is the attribute used to specify the width for the video player

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