The HTML5 title Tag

The HTML5 <title> tag is very important in creating HTML documents because it has the ability to add title, depending on the preference of the author. Including the HTML5 <title> tag is an integral part of the HTML document so this is required for the author to do. The author should not add more than one HTML5 <title> tag within a document.

The HTML5 <title> tag is also the method on how the author could define the title of the page if the user would add this to his/her favorites. It is also displayed when users do a search via the search engine.

The use of the <title> tag is the same for HTML4.01 and HTML5. It is also accepted by the most common web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox.

The use if HTML5 <title> tag is not complex since this is compatible with the Event Attributes and Global Attributes in HTML5.

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