Adding HTML5 Spellcheck to the HTML5 Form

The W3C's HTML5 specification added HTML5 spellcheck attribute to input and textarea elements of the HTML5 web page. In fact, textarea element has HTML5 spellcheck enabled automatically. However, you can remove textarea spellcheck by setting attribute of the textarea element to false. 

The HTML5 spellcheck is a part of any contenteditable HTML5 element on the form. It can be enabled and disabled as shown in the example below:

        <input                 type="text"         spellcheck="true"         />

Complete example of HTML5 spellcheck in HTML5 markup language is provided below.



                <title>HTML5 spellcheck example</title>



          <!—HTML5      Spellcheck Comment -->

          <label>HTML5      spellcheck input form:

          <input type="text" autofocus     spellcheck="true"     />

          <textarea spellcheck="true">Text area element     </textarea>




The HTML5 spellcheck gas three different attributes as explained in the table below:









True is applied to the input, textarea of  another editable field


 IE 9, FireFox and Chrome                            




  False is applied to the input, textarea of another editable field


IE 9, FireFox and Chrome




If spellcheck is not set, than form element inherits it from the parent


IE 9, FireFox and Chrome


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