The HTML5 map Tag

If it is necessary to put a client-side image map within the HTML document, the HTML5 <map> tag has to be utilized. The image map is an image that can be clicked by the users in some areas to be able to get redirected to another web page.

The attribute for the name of the HTML5 <map> tag has to be directly associated to the usemap attribute of the <img> tag. Hence, the HTML5 <map> tag and <img> element should go hand in hand.

The only difference when using the <map> tag in HMTL5 and in HTML4.01 is that in HTML5, it is necessary to ensure that the id attribute for the map is specifically indicated. The id attribute has to have the same value as the name attribute.

There is no problem when using the HTML <map> tag for Global Attributes and Events Attributes in HTML5. It is compatible with all these attributes. Even the major browsers like Safari, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer can easily identify the function of HTML <map> tag.

The attribute for the HTML5 <map> tag is below






This is required when using the HTML5 <map> tag. It is the key in providing a name for the image map


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