The HTML5 i Tag

The use of HTML5 <i> tag is nothing complex but it is essential when it comes to making the content even easier to understand. In cases wherein it is necessary to change the tone or mood of the content as the user reads a certain word or terminology, the HTML5 <i> tag is used. When the HTML5 <i> tag is incorporated within the document, the texts usually appears in browsers as italicized. Aside from terminologies, the HTML5 <i> tag is also important when foreign language or thought expressions are inserted within the document.

It has to be noted though that the use of HTML5 <i> tag is regulated by the author or creator of the document. Among the other options that are often used in replacement of the HTML5 <i> tag are the following:

  • <em> for putting emphasis on a particular text
  • <strong> which is commonly used for important texts
  • <mark> is used when putting a mark or highlight on a word or phrase is necessary
  • <cite> is the indicator for the work’s title
  • <dfn> is the key in putting word or terminology definition which could greatly help the users

When there is no other semantic element that could be more appropriate, then the HMTL5 <i> tag is used.

The difference between the purpose of the <i> tag in HTML4.01 and HTML5 is easy to determine. In HTML4.01, it is primarily used for italicizing a word or phrase. Since in HTML5 CSS can be used for styling and formatting, the HMTL5 <i> tag is no longer utilized the same way.

The HMTL5 <i> tag is compatible with the Global Attributes in HTML5. It is also possible to use this tag along with the Events Attributes in HTML5. When it comes to browsers, the HMTL5 <i> tag is easily detected by the primary browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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