The HTML5 html Tag

The HTML5 <html> tag is utilized as the main container of all the other elements that are placed within the content of the HTML document. However, it is not supposed to be used for <!DOCTYPE> tag. The HTML5 <html> tag is also utilized as the tool in indicating the root of the HTML document.

The only difference between the use of <html> tag in HTML4.0 and HTML5 is that there is a new attribute that is added to HTML5 <html> tag. It is the manifest attribute. For the Global Attributes, the HTML5 <html>tag is compatible with those.

The attributes and description for HTML5 <html> tag are below:




Manifest (NEW)


This is important when determining the address that is used for the cache manifest. It is important for browsing while on offline mode


Putting this attribute is important if you intend to comply with XHTML. This is the key in identifying the XML namespace attribute


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