The HTML5 head Tag

The main purpose of the HTML5 <head> tag is to serve as a container for all the elements for the head of a particular HTML document. Typically, the HTML5 <head> tag is what holds the title of the document. However, there are additional information which could be added to this like the scripts, styles, meta information and other significant details.

The HTML5 <head> tag is compatible to work along with the following elements:

  • <title> Putting this element is utterly important and required when using HTML5 <head> tag.
  • <base> This is the key in indicating the base URL for all other additional URLs that are used within the entire document
  • <meta> These is what contains information about the document like the author, keywords, date that it was last modified and others. However, the details would not be displayed on the web browser when viewed by users.
  • <noscript> This is how the creator of the HTML document can provide alternative content for those users whose browser is not compatible with the script used for the document or the script is disabled.
  • <command> Specifies a command that can be clicked by web user
  • <style> Specifies the information for an HTML tag
  • <link> Associates the current content or document with another URL, webpage, content or other sources of online information
  • <script> It is used to specify client-side script just like JavaScript

Using the HTML5 <head> tag is not a problem at all since it is compatible with major web browsers these days namely, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

The only difference with HTML4.01 and HTML5 when it comes to the use of HTML5 <head> tag is that it is not created to support the profile attribute. Global Attributes are the only ones supported by HTML5 <head> tag too.

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