HTML5 Form Input Types

 HTML5 forms have new set of input types in addition to well known and widely used input types such as text, checkbox, textarea and radiobutton. These new HTML5 forms elements designed to enrich user experience and make development process easier. 

Here is a list of new HTML5 elements introduced recently by HTML5 development team:

  • keygen
  • output
  • progress
  • meter
  • e-mail
  • url
  • date picker
  • datetime
  • number
  • search
  • range
  • tel
  • color

Each of the above mentioned elements have set of attributes that makes them more useful and more configurable for your needs. You need to place these elements within form element just like any prior input elements you used to work with. In addition, you can now place these elements outside of the form element and still make them work with your form. This is something new to HTML5 and very useful in your development process.

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