Monday, July 28, 2014
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The HTML5 <embed> Tag  
The HTML5 <embed> tag is utilized as a container of other applications or interactive content that is incorporated within the HTML document. It is necessary when adding plug-ins which can be utilized when the document is viewed on the browser.

The HTML5 <embed> tag is recognized by the major web browsers that are being used these days like the Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The <embed> tag is not present in HTML4.01 and it is just introduced in HTML5. All the attributes for the HTML5 <embed> tag are new. Below is an enumeration of attributes for HTML5 <embed> tag:






Identifies the height of the content embedded



Identifies embedded the external file address



Identifies the embedded content MIME type



Identifies the embedded content width

The HTML5 <embed> tag is also capable of supporting the Event Attribute and Global Attribute in HTML5.

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