The HTML5 dt Tag

The HTML5 <dt> tag is an important addition in any HTML document particularly when further terminology definition is needed. The main purpose of the HTML5 <dt> tag is to define a particular item in the definition list.

The use of HTML5 <dt> tag is often paired up with the <dl> and <dd> tag. The HTML5 <dl> tag is the key in determining the definition list. On the other hand, the HTML5 <dd> tag is utilized so that description for a particular item within the list can be provided.

There is no determinable difference when it comes to using HTML5 <dt> tag in HTML4.01 and HTML5.

The HTML5 <dt> tag is a user-friendly element because this can be used along with Global Attributes in HTML5 without any hassle. Aside from that, it is also compatible with Events Attributes. Hence, authors for HTML documents would not have a hard time using the HTML5 <dt> tag.

Of course, different users have varying web browsers too. The good thing is that HTML5 <dt> tag is also compatible with the different web browsers. That includes Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox

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