The HTML5 details Tag

The purpose of the HTML5 <details> tag is important if the author would like to add some more information which can be accessed by the user. It is used in containing more details but it is dependent on the command of the user if it is viewed or hidden.

It is the HTML5 <details> tag which can be utilized for creating a widget that the user can control, that is, whether to keep it open or close. It is possible to add any type of content within the HTML5 <details> tag. The additional details in it are based on the intention of the author.

The HTML5 <details> tag is not present in HTML4.01 so there is no basis for comparison when it comes to its functions.

So far, the HTML5 <details> tag is only supported in Google Chrome. All other browsers do not work well with this tag yet. On the lighter side, the HTML5 <details> tag is easy to use along with the Events Attributes in HTML5. Aside from that, the HTML5 <details> tag is also compatible with Global Attributes.

Here are the attributes for HTML5 <details> tag:




open (NEW)


This allows the user to open the additional details that were provided by the author of the HTML document


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