The HTML5 dd Tag

There are times when providing additional definition for a word or terminology within an HTML document is necessary. In such situations, the HTML5 <dd> tag is the one that should be used.

The HTML5 <dd> tag has to be incorporated within an HTML document along with the <dl> tag. That is because, the <dl> tag is the key in specifying the definition list. The HTML5 <dd> tag is also paired with the <dt> tag which is utilized in pointing out the item within the list.

There is not much limitation when the HTML author decides to use the HTML5 <dd> tag. It is possible to put paragraphs, links, list, images or line breaks within the HTML5 <dd> tag. The length or format of texts is dependent on the information that the author would like to provide for the particular word or terminology that needs to be defined.

The use of <dd> tag is the same in both HTML4.01 and HTML5. When it comes to using it with the attributes, there is no serious concern to think of since it is compatible with both the Events Attributes and Global Attributes in HTML5.

The HTML <dd> tag is also supported by all major web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

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