The HTML5 caption Tag

When a table has to be placed, using the HTML5 <caption> tag is necessary. It is the key in putting proper labels for tables. If the HTML5 <caption> tag is used, it is important to take note that this has to be placed right after the <table> tag. However, only one caption per table is allowable.

Typically, the table caption should automatically put the texts above the table and right on the center of the document. However, with the use of text-align and caption-side properties for CSS, the caption may be aligned and placed accordingly too.

The <caption> tag is used in slightly different methods for HTML5 and HTML4.01. In HTML4.01, the align attribute is considered as obsolete. This attribute is not used for HTML5 either. Using the HTML5 <caption> tag has to go along with CSS to be able to adjust alignment.

The <caption> tag is capable of supporting the Global Attributes in HTML5. It is perfect for Event Attributes too.

All major web browsers work with the HTML5 <caption> tag. It is recognized By Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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