HTML5 Boilerplate Code

It is always a requirement to start with the boilerplate code when developing in any programming language. HTML5 is not exception to this rule. Software companies provide development tools for coding in HTML5 and usually set up this boilerplate within their development environments, so that when you start up a page as HTML5 page, this boilerplate file is auto generated by the IDE. 

However, you don’t need to have IDE installed on your computer in order to start coding in HTML5. In this case, you need HTML5 boilerplate. 

HTML5 boilerplate is rather simplistic when compared to any auto generated files and you can start coding in HTML5 by putting your custom code between <body> tags of the following boilerplate.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">


   <title>Boilerplate Guide to HTML5 </title>



   <h1>Boilerplate example </h1>

     <video src="VideoFile.mp4"></video>



We used HTML5 video tag is used to link to a video resource and display it within web page. Video tag has @src attribute which is the only required attribute to make video tag to work. Other tags are part of our boilerplate required by HTML5. 

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