The HTML5 address Tag

The HTML5 <address> Tag is useful in providing pertinent information about the author or owner of a particular article or document. It is a tag that can be used as additional information for a single paragraph or an entire article. 

If the HTML5 <address> Tag is situated right in the middle of the <body> element, this means that the information provided is for the document. On the other hand, if the HTML5 <address> Tag is placed inside the <article> element, it means that the information is for the entire article. 

The HTML5 <address> Tag is not used for putting postal address. The only case when this can be done is when the postal address is part of the contact information. Usually, the HTML5 <address> Tag has to work along with the details that are included in the <footer> element. 

Typically, when the HTML5 <address> Tag is used, the texts appear in italic. The browsers that are being used these days usually put a line break before and after the HTML5 <address> Tag. 

The HTML5 <address> Tag is compatible and supported by most of the web browsers that are being used these days including Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. 

The <address> Tag has a slight difference when used for HTML5 and HTML4.01. Since HTML4.01 is not capable of supporting the <article> Tag, the <address> Tag is an automatic expression of the owner or author’s address for the entire document. 

The <address> Tag is capable of supporting both the Global Attributes and Event Attributes in HTML5. 

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